Client Reviews

  • Mr Boylan did excellent job got my red light ticket dismissed ,there's nothing better then that. I'd recommend him to all my family and friends from this day forward for sure.... Mr.M.Your

    Mikco Y.
  • Excellent attorney. never had any problems. Always had good results. will always refer friends and family to him

    paul s.
  • I received three right turn red light camera violations within 2 months in Elk Grove. Mr. Boylan was able to combine all 3 under one court hearing without me attending. He was able to get 1 dismissed, 1 guilty on a "no contest" with Traffic School and 1 guilty on a "no contest" plea. Instead of 3 points on my driving record I received 1 point and did not have to pay one of the fines.

    Neal A.
  • It was unbelievable that Mr. Boylan bail me out from a red light flash ticket. This ticket was for not stopped at an intersection completely on red light.

    Cindy K.
  • I had a judgment wrongly filed against me by a state agency. My personal attempts to fight through the red tape failed.

    Kal K.
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