Civil Lawsuits - Collections, Summons & Complaint, Judgments, Garnishments, Evictions

We have long experience in civil litigation both for Plaintiffs and Defendants. We provide practical and cost effective advice.

If you are a Plaintiff with a debt collection, eviction or other claim, our office will aggressively litigate the case. We are skilled at collection of Judgments, bank levies and wage garnishments. We use in house skip tracing tools in most cases for low cost income/asset location.

If you are a Defendant served with a Summons & Complaint, you have only a limited time to respond. Contact us immediately. We can typically reach a compromise settlement in collection matters which result in significant savings. Collection lawsuits frequently contain factual or legal errors or deficiencies which may render them unlawful and void. These type of cases can frequently be successfully defended and adverse judgments avoided. 

If you have a Judgment against you or Wage Garnishment we can help. Call for a free consultation regarding your options.